Look to American Louver for innovative air distribution solutions.

Our grilles, diffusers and other products are built to last including revolutionary new plastic models that resist rust and corrosion.

All plastic Stratus Return Filter Grilles are designed to outperform and outlast comparable metal grilles.This new product won’t rust, fade or corrode and is indistinguishable from metal when installed.
Nothing ruins the aesthetics of a room like the view of unsightly objects through walls and ceilings. That’s why our Sight-Guard Grilles are designed with the eggcrate angled at 45°, preventing see through from three directions.
Specially designed for use in ceilings and sidewalls. In addition to superior all aluminum construction, American Louver eggcrate grilles are designed with great attention to detail to ensure both functionality and aesthetic beauty.
Made from strong, non-combustible polystyrene or aluminum material, our eggcrate products meet strict fire and building codes. So they’re ideal for use in HVAC, air supply and return openings. And as always, standard sizes are in stock and ready to ship.
Made from engineered polymers, our Stratus Diffusers are designed to outperform and outlast comparable metal diffusers. In fact, this revolutionary new product won’t rust, fade or corrode due to its unique properties. Plus, it’s a cost-effective option! Available in Cone or Plaque, Stratus Diffusers

Better than metal diffusers, they're plastic!
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