Say hello to a corrosion-resistant alternative to steel and aluminum.

Made from engineered polymers, our Stratus Plastic Diffusers are designed to outperform and outlast comparable metal diffusers. In fact, this revolutionary new product won’t rust, fade or corrode due to its unique properties. Plus, it’s a cost-effective option! Available in Cone or Plaque, Stratus Plastic Diffusers also features an extra tall neck for easy installation.

Stratus - Plaque

Easy Installation

  • 50% lighter than metal
  • Extra tall neck - 2 3/8"
  • No cut fingers/sharp edges
  • Drop/damage resistant
  • Compatible with standard duct and damper sizes

High Performance

  • Air flow consistent with metal
  • Antistatic
  • Resists sweating
  • Flame Resistant, meets UL94HB flame spread test


  • Consistent smooth finish
  • More dimensionally stable
  • Indistinguishable from metal when installed

Optional Thermal Blanket

  • R6 thermal resistance
  • fiberglass insulation
  • comes preattached to diffuser

Available in White and Black

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Stratus - Plaque Plastic Diffuser
  • Stratus - Plaque Plastic Diffuser
  • Black Plaque Plastic Diffuser
  • Optional Thermal Blanket
Style Part Number Neck/Duct Size Color
Plaque  STR-PQ-6W 6" White
Plaque  STR-PQ-8W 8" White
Plaque  STR-PQ-10W 10" White
Plaque  STR-PQ-12W 12" White
Plaque  STR-PQ-14W 14" White
Plaque  STR-PQ-6BK 6" Black
Plaque  STR-PQ-8BK 8" Black
Plaque  STR-PQ-10BK 10" Black
Plaque  STR-PQ-12BK 12" Black
Plaque  STR-PQ-14BK 14" Black

Add to Part Number:

- FR for UL 2043 Fire Rating

- R6 for Insulation Blanket, R6 Thermal Resistance


Better than metal diffusers, they're plastic!
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